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Organic Laboratories is one of the country’s leading producers and marketers of earth friendly pesticides and fertilizers.

For the professional, Organic Laboratories has cutting edge, solutions-oriented products specifically designed for farmers, vineyards, municipalities, sports arenas, golf courses, landscapers, ornamental nurseries, and greenhouses.

For home gardeners increasingly turning away from harsh chemicals for lawn care and growing food at home, we offer a line of environmentally friendly products, including organic and natural based choices, that you can feel confident using around children and pets.

Today, Organic Laboratories is diversified in multiple markets. In the lawn and garden market the Organic Laboratories brand is sold in nurseries, garden centers and big box giants, Home Depot and Lowe's  For the commercial turf grass market, the company private labels for 16 leading companies, including the largest agricultural/chemical company in the world. Organic Laboratories also sells to the vineyard and citrus markets has their own commercial private label, Nutra Sorb Turf.

Nutra Sorb Turf 

The Nutra Sorb Turf line represents advanced performance products for superior playing surfaces and vibrant, healthy turf at any time of year. Developed in our labs through years of leading edge research, our turf products have been validated through the research of third party industry experts.  Our proprietary turf products are formulated with special components designed to address whole plant nutrition and stimulate plant defense mechanisms, strengthening turf against disease and reducing the need for chemical pesticide applications. 

Agricultural Committment

Today, we’re proud to be committed to our nation’s farmers with extensive research and development devoted to identifying earth friendly, pioneering technologies to enhance production and protect crops from disease and pests. Our current research includes products that address citrus canker and citrus greening, as well as mite infestation in the viticulture industry. 

Since most of the country’s tropical foliage is grown right here in our home state of Florida, Organic Laboratories also has extensive experience working closely with the ornamental nursery industry on unique product solutions, which include environmentally responsible fungicides and insecticides. 


OMRI Listed

Earth Friendly, Organic Fertilizers & Insecticides branded as:  

Organocide 3-in-1 Garden Spray

Organocide Worm & Caterpillar Control